Difference between Togo leather and TC leather

Leather basic information:

Togo is a natural leather for young bulls with irregular lychee-like lines due to the different degree of skin compactness in different parts.

TC leather is tanned from adult bulls and has a relatively uniform and irregular lychee-like texture.


1. The "unit square" of Togo pattern is smaller and more three-dimensional than the "unit square" of TC pattern. Therefore, visually, the Togo grain is relatively delicate and exquisite, while the TC grain is more rough and bold; The Togo lines are more raised, while the TC lines are relatively flat.

2. Although the surface of both has a fog surface gloss, the TC surface gloss is stronger and more smooth; Togo surface fog surface matte effect is stronger.

3. Similar colors appear (such as golden brown) Togo leather color is slightly lighter, TC leather color is slightly darker.

4. Neck marks may appear in some parts of Togo leather, without TC. Tactile: the two leather materials have strong flexibility and resilience, are not easy to crease or deformation, feel soft and thick, touch can feel the surface of the leather grain clear texture, touch kneading pressure healing.

1.TC because the grain is flatter than Togo, so the touch is smoother and silky; Togo surface "spot-like touch" is more obvious, feel stronger friction, feel slightly astringent than TC, leather surface particles more clear.

2.TC leather is softer and waxy; Togo has stronger toughness, stiffer and firmer leather.

3.TC is slightly heavier than Togo. In terms of smell: Personally, the smell of TC leather is slightly lighter than Togo. (I like the original smell of leather) Hearing: Both leather materials have strong resilience, and there will be a strong "bang sound" when stretching, showing the original vitality and tension

Difference between Togo leather and TC leather
Difference between Togo leather and TC leather
Difference between Togo leather and TC leather
Difference between Togo leather and TC leather

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